Adam Dicker

SVP and Chair, Enterprise Radiation Oncology @ Jefferson Health

Dr. Adam Dicker is a leading expert in prostate cancer and brain tumors with a focus on digital health and translational sciences applied to oncology.  His work has resulted in establishment of parameters for quality assurance in radiation oncology, novel therapeutic clinical trials utilizing targeted therapies, innovative models to evaluate radiation modifiers, FDA approval of a genomic signature for management of prostate cancer and use of wearables combined with patient reported outcomes to identify and mitigate treatment toxicity.

Dr. Dicker leads a University-wide effort in Digital Health and Data Science, Jefferson Center for Digital Health using the convergence of mobile technology, platforms, networks, and machine learning to improve the lives of patients.  It houses medical student, graduate degree programs and post graduate education, coordinates research, and develops critical industry partnerships related to digital health across the Jefferson Health System.  The Center for Digital Health plays a pivotal role in the promotion, resourcing, design, and coordination of clinical and evaluative digital health research at Jefferson

Dr. Dicker received his BA from Columbia College, and his MD and PhD (Molecular Pharmacology) from Cornell University.  He received his postgraduate training at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center after a surgical internship.