Aimee Fisher

VP of Business Development @ aMoon Fund

Aimee Fisher is the VP of Strategy and Portfolio Success. She has 20 years of wide-ranging experience in traditional high tech and health care companies large and small.

While based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Aimee spent a number of years in traditional consumer technology startups overseeing product management and development, marketing, investor relations and research.

Drawn in by the allure of combining technical know-how with improving healthcare, Aimee joined Kaiser Permanente as a part of the nascent Innovation and Advanced Technology team.

There, she developed the national telehealth program concept and strategy and participated in the assessment and management of hundreds of technologies and pilots 

Graduating telehealth out of innovation and into operations, Aimee oversaw the product management and development of the telehealth and digital health platforms that enable Kaisers 12 million members and 50,000 clinicians to connect digitally. 

Most recently, Aimee served as the VP of Business Development at Sanara Ventures, an early stage healthcare investment group where she both expanded the portfolio’s investment purview and worked to ensure that the portfolio companies were well positioned to succeed in the healthcare market, inside and outside of Israel.