Elif Oker

Founder and Principal @ InSun Solutions

Dr. Elif Oker is a healthcare strategist, physician, and digital health expert focused on connecting talent and ideas to deliver innovative healthcare solutions.   With decades of experience in healthcare delivery, reimbursement and technology, Dr. Oker has a 360-degree view of the healthcare ecosystem and is uniquely positioned to help established organizations and industry newcomers alike fulfill the potential of technology to transform healthcare.


Dr. Oker is Founder and Principal at InSun Solutions, an executive leadership and advisory services firm. InSun harnesses the power of real-world experience in healthcare, design and technology to narrow the gap between the aspirations of technology and the realities of healthcare.  Prior to founding InSun, Dr. Oker  held multiple senior executive positions at Blue Cross Blue Shield where she oversaw medical policy, implemented population health strategies for municipal and Fortune 500 employers, drove strategic digital health capabilities and established the building blocks of human-centered design. 


Dr. Oker was an Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine at the University of Illinois where she served in various clinical leadership roles.  A graduate of the University of Michigan Inteflex program, Dr. Oker is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, a Diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine and a licensed emergency physician.